Hey guys um here is sad news Rockos modern life is not on the 90s are all that anymore.If you dont know what the 90s are all that is i will tell you. It is a retro block on Teennick and the block comes on at 12:00am. So if you have teennick and want to watch the block. go ahead. But youre unlucky if you want to see Rockos modern life,Clarissa Explains it all, or Hey dude,Because they used to be on the block and they are not anymore.However these shows are on itunes i have a season of Rockos modern life,All that,and an episode of ren and stimpy.So if you have an Ipod touch, iphone, or ipad. Go Ahead.But if you Dont have either of those things,well youre screwed. Hope to see you later Buy

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