Hello my followers if i have any. Today we will be talking about bad nickelodeon shows. I know you may have to wash your hands after reading this article.I will go from ten to one worst shows. Number Ten: VIctorius. The show is better than the new Icarlys but both are almost the same thing. Number Nine: New Icarly.One sentence. The actors are growing up and the shows not funny anymore. Number Eight: Fanboy and Chum-Chum. Boys who were under wear over there pants VERY MANLY. Number Seven: True jackson VP. Funny at first then its hitler losing the war it had a downfall. Number Six: Back at the barnyard. Funny for a few times and is now stupid.Number Five Tak and the power of juju. I cound not survive one minute of the dang show. Number Four: Bucket and Skinner. Skinner annoys the crap out of me. Number Three : the mighty B. Napoleon dynamite Says gosh. this show is not funny and its gross. Number Two: New spongebob. Spongebob today annoys the freaking crap out of ME. Number one: Fred the show. Fred is winer than ever.

Ok that was my little rant about new nickelodeon. Check out my youtube channel MrJazzydj and i will see you next time