• Jtsfan13

    Rocko After Dark Marathon

    December 9, 2011 by Jtsfan13

    All 4 season of Rockos Modern life with Rare and/or NEw material, one season for each night on Nickelodeon, with encore presentations on Nicktoons

    • At the Flambe Le Flab, Rocko tries to turn on the shower, but no water comes out, but he sees steam in the stall next to his. Rocko looks in the next stall and sees Heffer boiling a chicken

    • Rocko buys a shiny new car with his credit card

    • Mrs. Bighead asks Rocko to unclog the toilet. While he is doing so, Mrs. Bighead grabs Cupid's love arrow and aims to shoot Rocko with it, but Cupid pesters MRs. Bighead to give it back, making her lose concentration, and the arrow flies out the window and hits Spunky, causing him to fall in love with his reflection

    • We see Rocko tired from work sleeping on the couch…

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