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  • Hewll

    It's happening guys. The clues to find if the Rocko's Modern Life reboot is actually happening are getting closer and more accurate.

    First of all. On Joe Murray's Journal at his blog,, he says he is working on 2 new projects. The first one is about a new show that will air maybe in 2017 on PBS and he almost finished the pilot. The second project, as he says, is TOP SECRET, but he says some people figured it out. It could be a clue? Maybe.

    Then, surfacing on Youtube, in the video of RML intro that Nick Animation Studio uploaded, someone commented a day ago if the reboot is happening because there's a lot of rumors on the internet. Nick didn't want to say anything, so I asked them on Twitter and same thing happened. The…

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  • Hewll

    Rocko's Modern Comeback

    April 18, 2016 by Hewll

    I have big news everyone! Our favorite animated show, Rocko's Modern Life, maybe is getting a comeback as sooner as we think!

    Just check out this:

    I don't wanna tease you, but read these tweets from Carl Jones Twitter :

    From a year ago:

    From a few days ago:

    Also a comment that Joe Murray made in a post of these news:

    This is great isn't it? I'm so excited if RML gets a reboot. Cross your fingers everyone, this SHOULD happen!

    Comments about your thoughts of this reboot will be well accepted.

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  • Hewll

    I'm gonna share something amazing that happened to me today.

    Joe Murray, the amazing dude that created RML and also Camp Lazlo accepted me on Facebook and we had a kind-of-conversation. He's the best!

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