The Big Answer
Season 3, Episode 11B
The Big Answer
Air date January 28, 1996
Written by Tim Hill

Martin Olson

Directed by Doug Lawrence
Rocko's Modern Life
The Big Question
An Elk for Heffer

The Big Answer is episode 37b of Rocko's Modern Life.


In this episode Filburt and Doctor Paula Hutchison are finally about to get married. A bachelor party for Filburt is taking place on a Modified Airliner similar to an Airbus A330 mounted on a stand, where they are celebrating with ice cream. But when Heffer goes out of control and takes over the aircraft, the plane flies off of the stand and the party goes to disaster. While Rocko & Filburt attempt to recover the Aircraft, Paula has made her decision and says she will marry Filburt. but her mother is not happy at all and feels disappointed. This causes Paula to cry for her cruelty and she goes away while the Airliner flies over Paula's apartment. Rocko & Fillburt finally regain control of the aircraft and try to call for help with O-town International Airport trying to talk through Emergency Channel Radios with the Help of Air Traffic Control, but there is no answer. Heffer kicks Fillburt's co-pilot seat and Filburt fights back. Heffer pulls Rocko away from the flight controls and the aircraft goes down and crashes onto the front lawn of Rocko's house. As the three wake up the next morning, they discover that it is 11:45 A.M. Filburt dresses up and goes on a search for Paula. He finally finds her on top of the Conglom-O building and makes it on top of the roof, where he catches Paula as she falls off the globe. Rocko & Heffer rush to the place of the wedding and stall the family. After Heffer starts an incitation to battle beetwen turtles & cats, the turtles as a counterattack, they fired a huge spread of water and a huge fight breaks out at their wedding service between the families of cats and turtles, threatening Filburt and Paula's marriage. But fortunately Filburt & Paula had already married with the decision of not involving the families. Paula's father Frank (who is a turtle and owns the Aircaft that crash landed in Rocko's front lawn) decides to give their blessings and at the end, Filburt and Paula went to their honeymoon on the same Airliner where the bachelor party took place.

Characters Present


The plane @ rocko's place
  • The plane crashing at Rocko's property, nosediving when going down was later similar to the crash of United Flight 93 on 9/11.
  • This episode and it's partner episode are considered a half-hour special. This is the fifth and final half-hour episode of the series, after I Have No Son, Rocko's Modern Christmas, Cruisin, and Wacky Delly respectively.
  • Crazy Aunt Gretchen from Sugar Frosted Frights, appears again in the episode as a cameo.
Angry frogs turtles
  • The Bigheads can be seen for a shot in the fountain with the turtles' side.
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