Sani-Tour Bus Driver


Sani-Tour Bus Driver
Voiced By

Zorak is the main antagonist in one episode of the series, I See London, I See France.

When Rocko and Heffer go to France, the bus driver takes them on a tour of mundane things such as a garbage can, the ugliest person the driver has ever seen, a fast food restaurant, and ultimately a woman in a red hat. When Rocko requests they visit the Eiffel Tower, the driver becomes mad and yells at him. When Rocko sneaks away from the tour to follow Claudette, the bus driver becomes even madder and borderline homicidal, threatening dire consequences for anyone who leaves his tour. The driver ends up pursuing them maniacally throughout Paris with his bus, but loses them at their airport, losing an anguished, "Noooooooooo!" as their plane takes off.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny who also played Heffer Wolfe.


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