Mr. Smitty

Mr smitty

Mr. Smitty
Comic book store manager

Mr. Smitty is Rocko's boss at Kind of a Lot o' Comics. He is a purplish toad with obvious hair plugs and is always seen smoking a cigar except in at least one later episode where it was apparently censored. He seems to either fire Rocko or make his job difficult in almost every episode he appears in, and is even rude to his customers. Rocko often refers to Mr. Smitty as "a smoldering old toad," and is the only character in the series that Rocko openly dislikes.

His tyrannical, aggressive nature and short temper are apparently the result of "the green button" on his office chair; In the episode Power Trip, Rocko is temporarily appointed manager of the comic store and, after pressing "the green button" his personality changes to match Mr. Smitty's and he, in turn, is mean spirited towards Filburt, who was filling in for Rocko. Smitty was voiced by Tom Kenny.


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