I See London, I See France
Season 3, Episode 7A
I See London I See France
Air date December 10, 1995
Rocko's Modern Life
Rocko's Happy Vermin
The Fatlands

I See London, I See France is episode 33a of Rocko's Modern Life.


While on a trip to Paris, Rocko tries to find and impress Claudette, his female wallaby pen pal whom he loves, but Rocko finds out she is more interested in Heffer.


In Paris, France, Rocko is seen talking to a female wallaby in French until the female speaks in Heffer's voice. Rocko had only imagined himself talking to the girl he loves and is on the airplane with Heffer, who is reading the French book. Rocko looks through the window to find that the plane is now in Paris, France, which Rocko describes as the city of love and romance. He is also eager to see all the other things to see in the city as well, such as the architecture, art, culture, and livestock.

Rocko and Heffer are then seen about to ride the Santi-Tours Paris express bus, in which the Zorak, the bus driver, is giving the tour to all other passengers. When asking for questions, Rocko asks him when he and the rest of the passengers would get a chance to see the Eiffel Tower, Zorak deliberately ignores his question and begins the tour, where he gives out the most irrelevant tours around the city. When Rocko takes a view of the Eiffel Tower, he shows Heffer and explains its history, which prompts the other passengers to view it as well.  But they all return to their seats in deference to Zorak, who reminds them who is giving them the tour, much to Rocko's annoyance. He then views the female wallaby he loves driving a green car next to the bus. She drives to the road turning to the exit that leads to the Eiffel Tower and Rocko reminds Zorak that he past the Eiffel Tower, which prompts the now-sullen bus driver to stop the bus and walk over to Rocko to sternly demand him to follow his tour.

The passengers later take a lunch break to Chokey Chicken and Rocko is peeved because nothing on the tour is the least bit germane to any origins in France. When he sees the female wallaby walking by through the window, he leaves, abandoning his hat as Heffer only just notices his absence. Back on the tour bus, Zorak takes roll and notices that Rocko is missing. Zorak demands Heffer to tell him Rocko's whereabouts and begins to get hysterical. As he slowly begins to lose his composure, Heffer escapes through the emergency exit window and runs away, prompting Zorak to chase after him on his bus.

Meanwhile, Rocko is seen dressed in a red and white striped T-shirt and a beret carrying flowers for the girl he loves, who is sitting at the table outside the Cafe Frappe shop. When a car passes by, the girl has left and Rocko runs after her. Soon, a chase precipitates: Rocko chases after the girl he loves, Heffer chases after a Chokey Chicken tour car, and Zorak driving the bus chases after Heffer.

After the chase, Rocko is seen standing on the bridge gazing down at the river in sorrow due to not finding the girl of his dreams. A French poodle comes around and tells him that she is at the Eiffel Tower. Rocko thanks the poodle and runs to the Eiffel Tower, with the others taking notices of Rocko's love for the girl. By the time he takes the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, he finds that it leads to the Chokey Chicken restaurant, where he finds Heffer sitting with the girl, who's name is revealed to be Claudette. Rocko stares in disappointment when he finds that Claudette wasn't who he expected to be.

Rocko and Heffer are later seen on the plane looking at the pictures of the Chokey Chicken sign that has been mounted on all sorts of structures. When Heffer teases Rocko about Claudette, Rocko resents his feelings for the girl, saying that she is only a friend of his and that she isn't his type, for he would rather be with Melba. Zorak is seen driving on the bus through the window, hysterically demanding Rocko and Heffer to get back on the bus. But the plane takes off in the air and Zorak hops out of the bus and drops to his knees, screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the top of his lungs as he watches the plane fly away.



  • The Wogue magazine that Rocko was reading at the end of the episode is a parody of Vogue Magazine.
  • Dr. Hutchison is absent for the first time in Season Three.
  • There isn't a "Number 12" on the tour. The numbers on the tourists' hats skip from 11 (Rocko) to 13 (Heffer).
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