Gladys Hippo

Big Fat Hippo Lady

Gladys Hippo
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Gladys Hippo is a sunglasses-wearing, stretch pants sporting hippopotamus with whom Rocko would often collide with and get in her way.

She would always utter her catchphrase, "How dare you?" at this juncture, which is always in a deep, manly voice in total contrast to her unnerving high-pitched voice; she usually uses it after Rocko accidentaly collides or gets crushed by her, and after she says it, she throws him away violently. In the Season 4 episode, Dumbells, she drags Rocko on a "ding-dong ditch" frenzy after catching Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert trying to pull the prank on her and finds it hilarious. So they finally become friends.


Gladys appears in the comic book series in Issue #1, on the cover and in "This Is A Test!" as a background character in a line, and in Issue #4's story "Remote Controlled" where an unidentified passerby accidentally bumps into her, causing Gladys to yell her trademark phrase at the man.


  • Gladys has the same voice as Cow from Cartoon Network's Cow and Chicken.
  • She might have a crush on Rocko since when the judge said they were getting married she smiled at him.
  • Gladys is the most recurring minor character in the whole show next to "Wild Pig".

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