Closet Clown
Season 4, Episode 7a
Closet Clown
Air date July 16, 1996
Rocko's Modern Life
Magic Meatball
Seat to Stardom
Closet Clown is episode 46a of Rocko's Modern Life. In this episode Ed Bighead, whom normally hates clowns, tries to hide his new secret identity, Ed the Clown.


A clown stalls his truck, which a tire of it pops, in front of Ed Bighead's house to pump up the tire. When Ed finds the clown outside, he gets upset and starts chasing the clown around. The clown leaves off on another truck, leaving his old truck behind. The next morning, Ed finds a spare nose and takes it. He attempts to throw it into the trash can, but decides to wear it around his face after finding that he actually enjoys the idea of being a clown. He brings it to work and is caught in the bathroom with it by his boss Mr. Dupette, who demands Ed to his office. When Ed enters Mr. Dupette's office, the slimy boss divulges his clown persona and assigns Ed to show up in birthday parties as a clown. Ed realizes his part of life and enjoys his job. Little does he know, however, his occupation keeps him from seeing Bev, who thinks he's cheating on her. At Filburt's birthday for his children, Ed arrives as a clown and when Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt cheer for him, he faints. The children circle around him as he regains consciousness, and Missy steals the clown nose on his face, divulging his true identity as everyone finds out that he has been attending birthday parties as a clown. Rocko states that everyone has secrets, such as Heffer pretending to be a pixie, Dr. Hutchison keeping a baboon heart under her pillow, and Filburt is wearing European-styled undergarments. But when Rocko announces that he likes rainbows, the others are disgusted with him, and they chase him around the yard.

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  • Here are all of the secrets the characters have:
    • Ed dressed up and enjoys being a clown.
    • Mr. Dupette enjoys being a clown as well.
    • Heffer sometimes likes to pretend he's a pixie.
    • Filburt is wearing European styled undergarments.
    • Dr. Hutchinson keeps a baboon heart hidden under her pillow (however this goes unheard by Filburt).
    • Rocko reveals he has always liked rainbows and dolls.
      • This eventually results in everyone chasing Rocko off with pitchforks due to his sissy love of rainbows.
  • This episode may be an allegory for homosexuality.
  • The closet clown joke is a spoof of being gay and hiding in the closet.
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