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An Elk for Heffer
Season 3, Episode 12a
An Elk for Heffer
Air date February 11, 1996
Rocko's Modern Life
The Big Answer
Scrubbin' Down Under

An Elk for Heffer is episode 38a of Rocko's Modern Life.

The episode deals with Heffer's coming of age. For him to be considered an adult, the Wolfe family tell Heffer to bring an elk home for dinner. The plan is to use the elk as their dinner, but Heffer misinterprets this, thinking he needed to bring one home as a guest. In his search Heffer meets a female elk and ends up falling in love with her. He brings her home to his parents' house and does not let them eat her once he has discovered their intentions.

Rocko has a very minor role in An Elk for Heffer, only speaking three lines in the whole episode.

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